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Drug or alcohol detox takes place before treatment and is often the first step in recovery. The process of detoxing can be uncomfortable for some, and it can last several days. A drug or alcohol rehab facility can help recovering addicts prepare to quit their dangerous dependency, stay on track during withdrawal, and ultimately break the cycle of addiction altogether. A variety of support systems are available at a center like this. For example, clients usually have one-to-one counseling sessions with a therapist, attend group counseling sessions, take part in 12-step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, receive spiritual counseling if needed, and obtain medical care for their substance abuse problems when necessary and more.

What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a medically monitored process designed to help an individual overcome physical dependence on addictive substances, as well as address withdrawal symptoms safely under the supervision of trained professionals. Medications may be prescribed by the attending physician or nurse and given in a dosage that's appropriate for the client's needs and safety. In many cases, clients who are medically detoxed go on to receive additional counseling or treatment services and may remain long enough to participate in some other form of substance abuse treatment program.

At various rehabilitation centers in Delhi and other parts of India, several detox programs are offered such as:

  • Medication-assisted detox
  • Alcohol detox
  • Heroin detox
  • Meth detox
  • Opioid and opiate detox

What are the Drug Detox Symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms can vary based on the severity of addiction and type of addiction. Individuals may have physical or psychological symptoms. The length of the addiction and the individual’s physiological makeup can affect detox symptoms. However, for most individuals, physical withdrawal symptoms are the most challenging. Because these symptoms can be intense when individuals attempt to self-detox or go ‘cold turkey,’ they fail and relapse. Some common symptoms that occur during withdrawal include Nausea, aching muscles or joints crying without feeling better, fatigue, and mood swings but with anxiety.

Don’t detox on your own

While some people may not experience intense withdrawal symptoms, it is unlikely that this will be the case for most people. Thus, we highly recommend that all clients choose an in-patient detox program in order to reduce the chance of relapse or overdose accidents. A medically supervised detox program can not only help reduce the chance of you relapsing but it can also help to lower the risk of overdose through rapid and safe detoxification. Knowing what to expect during your recovery process is imperative and, while you might feel ok when you first start going through withdrawal symptoms, the continuance will make them a lot worse pretty quickly which is why so many people end up calling emergency.

What Causes withdrawal Detox Symptoms?

When an individual has been using a substance for a long period of time, it stops producing its own natural highs slowly over time. Without the usage of drugs, one's body becomes used to not having endorphins being produced and it relies on the drugs to fulfill that need. When someone decides to detox from these drugs, their body can react in major ways because it isn't used to having such chemicals in its system anymore or dealing with withdrawal symptoms. It's important within this scenario that you educate yourself on what kinds of symptoms you may experience during each stage of withdrawal so that there is a clear understanding of what you're dealing with and how best to proceed when going through this difficult process.

This process requires the body to readjust back to functioning normally without drugs or alcohol. At first, the body is confused and begins to search for substances that are foreign or have become addictive. Hence why some people will struggle with detox a bit as they try and change behavior. At its peak point of discomfort, some people on a detox plan may turn back to substance abuse because they give up on it becoming too hard on them. Trying to do it alone makes the process more difficult than necessary - which is why it's best to go under professional supervision in the best rehabs for your own safety!

The biggest obstacle in drug or alcohol detox is the withdrawals themselves. The intensity of these symptoms and their duration depend on the substance used and how long it was abused. Having experts on hand to guide you through the whole process right up until you leave the rehabilitation center and begin your rehabilitation treatment is highly recommended, as it can help give you a much better chance of de-addiction so you are free to live drug-free after your rehabilitation program ends.

Getting Medical Detox Programs

Once you recognize that you have a problem, it’s time to get help. A good way to aid withdrawal symptoms and long-term recovery is by enrolling in the best rehab centers. However, keep in mind that many clients do have co-occurring illnesses and will benefit from the more comprehensive dual-diagnosis services offered.

Depending on the rehab center, clients can get help through programs such as:

  • Individualized therapy
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Nutritional support and therapy
  • Trauma and group therapy
  • Family support
  • Transitional living

In the right program, clients also get help with long-term planning. They get help figuring out what life will be like after rehab. These professional programs in top rehab centers offer therapies like yoga and ropes courses to get people back into the swing of things again and learn how to channel these often-overwhelming emotions in better ways that won't jeopardize their sobriety. Each person has their own way of dealing with lingering emotional issues so it's important that they receive individualized treatment tailored to meet their particular needs.

Recovery Begins with Medical Detox

We’re living in the advanced digital age where you can get answers to anything, anywhere, and anytime. There is nothing wrong with occasionally needing help from a third party regarding a delicate matter like addiction and treatment. That said, there are many different options out there for drug addicts in India and each one of them has its own distinctive characteristics; therefore it’s not so easy to make up your mind on what you want without doing your research first. This is where RehabsIndia comes in because we offer you directory resources on how you can find addiction treatment facilities near you that suit your needs. Furthermore, we’re here to help you decide which type of treatment program would be best suitable for your needs as well as offer information on drugs professionals throughout India who might help take away any confusion if doubts may arise.

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