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Belgharia Well Wisher Foundation is a private place for people who seek comfort and secrecy. We have the world’s best faculty, and you would not be lacking in anything. After much pain of abuse and detox, every survivor deserves the best. It is why we work towards providing the best services in the world. We offer a short rehabilitation program because nobody would like to stay in confinement for several months. Secondly, our program is voluntary. It means that you are free to come and go at any moment because we do not believe in locking a person. We provide personalised services. It makes our clients feel special, and they deserve this attention. Personalised services allow us to attend to individual needs and make our services a world-class one! We prepare personalised treatment plans for our people. We strive toward achieving our goals within the stipulated period.

We feel safe in an environment where we find like-minded people. This motive has given birth to Belgharia Well Wisher Foundation back in 2014. It was started by Abhishek Singh, Member of International society of Substance use professional. We have gained a great amount of respect and fame in society. We offer alcohol and drug abuse treatment as well as psychological treatment. It is not only a treatment centre, It is a community. We offer the hope and prove that any addict, no matter how worse his/her present situation is, will stop using drugs and discard them altogether to lead a better life. Every person has the right to live a better and healthy life. Everybody should bounce back to a normal life. We help and counsel addicts who are in dire need of immediate support. Perhaps, addicts are the loneliest people in the world. When people undergo addiction, they feel lonely. However, when they come back to normal life they need to find a community where they can share their stories. Well, with us and our community, you would no more feel lonely. We maintain secrecy and give a purpose to everyone to live. The misguided, the miserable, the needy – all are welcome to our community. We motivate our clients to live an attractive life without the need to use any drugs or alcohol. We do not believe in controlling people. Hence, you are free to live at any moment you want to go. Long term recovery is possible when you belong to a community and have people to support you. We are here to support you.

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