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Choosing an alcohol rehab in India is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Take into account that some top de-addiction centres in India are better equipped at reaching their client's sobriety goals than others. It is, therefore, crucial to choose your rehab centre in India carefully so as to not make a mistake in this area.

Every rehab in India is different, and what makes a top rehabilitation centre in India ideally suited for treating one individual may make them a very poor fit for another. This is because the best rehabs in India have different treatment programs and specialties, just like how everyone is addicted to different things and experiences strong cravings from totally unique circumstances.

It’s crucial that you research a list of rehabilitation centres in India thoroughly and figure out which ones suit your specific needs the best. By doing so, you can also make sure you receive highly reputable, effective treatment as well as care professionals who are compassionate and caring in their approach. And by properly questioning the pros and cons of different options, you can make sure you’ve chosen the most beneficial option and feel confident about your decision moving forward!

Best rehab centres in India should offer the following services:-

Treatment of the specific disorder one is suffering from

Every one of the top 10 rehabilitation centres in India specializes in the treatment of specific addictions and some specialize in one area but love serving a number of people with various needs. Even rehab centers that have multiple specialties often have more success treating some than others. For the greatest likelihood of success, especially for those who require detoxification, it's important to choose a rehabilitation center that is highly rated by those with similar addiction issues.

Success rate with patients

The success rate is perhaps the best indicator of a top rehabilitation centre in India. In general, the higher the success rate, the higher a treatment center’s rating. However, there are two main caveats to this concept: 1) The definition of what constitutes success may change from one facility to another, and 2) The specialty at various centers will ultimately determine whether or not they are in fact capable of attaining a high success rate and if so, how long patients need to stay on-premises. That said, be certain that you ask plenty of questions about what criteria your prospective facilities use to define success as well as how many clients they have treated in their facility who were actually able to beat addiction!

Treating the root cause

For many people suffering from addiction, the addiction is a result of underlying issues like mental health problems. An untreated mental health problem during recovery can cause problems that may lead to a relapse back into substance use. By addressing any co-occurring mental illnesses during treatment, individuals are more likely to stay sober over the long term, due to the fact that their underlying issues will not be causing them problems anymore. If you're looking for the best alcohol rehab in India for your loved one or yourself, try checking out a facility that offers some of the best care in the area.

Individualized treatment plan and therapy

In today's society, there are a lot of different types of therapy to choose from and each person will likely have something that appeals to them more than others. For example, couples counseling would be an appropriate choice for some but not for others; again, it all depends on the individual. What's most important is to look at each issue from different angles as much as possible which is why luxury rehabs in India usually provide a combination of methods. Currently, group therapy sessions tend to be the most popular option among many people because they can help with both treating addiction along with other issues related to it such as depression or anxiety. However, having one-on-one sessions with a therapist could help express feelings and memories that you might feel awkward speaking in front of a crowd about so please don't forget this aspect entirely! Examples of types of therapies include biofeedback, CBT, family therapy, art therapy, and neurofeedback.

Biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback therapy is a way for patients in recovery to learn what their bodies are doing without them even realizing it. Medical professionals can then work with this information to create personalized treatment plans which will help those who are suffering. Many of our bodily functions occur without us even having a say in the matter, like breathing and blinking. But when these involuntary functions begin acting up because we're nervous or under stress, it's time for biofeedback therapy—using technology to monitor our body’s responses to emotional and physical tension so that treatments can be tailor-made accordingly! [1]

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective methods in treating addiction. Cognitive Behavioral therapy looks at the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Your feelings can influence your thoughts and your behaviors and your behavior can also influence your thoughts and feelings. The other unique thing about CBT is that it allows a small sense of control to the client which some find empowering as they feel like they have more options in regards to how to contend with their distress. [2]

Family therapy

While individual therapy is designed to help individuals who are dealing with a serious mental health problem, family therapy explores the connections between all members of a person's family and goals to strengthen these bonds. The goal of this type of counseling is to ensure that each member of the whole team ends up feeling more validated and supported when it comes down to working through even some of the most stressful issues altogether as one. Family therapists, in their work with addiction, in particular, can facilitate healthy communication skills within families while they also provide a space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves without censoring their true feelings. [3]

Art therapy

In art therapy, the patient is encouraged to express him/herself in a non-verbal manner. This can be done through activities such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage among others. In some cases, for patients with substance use disorders, an artistic outlet may also have an underlying therapeutic nature wherein artwork produced may be therapeutically used by therapists to evaluate and determine the psychological needs of an individual undergoing treatment or counseling. [4]


With ongoing training, the calmness produced during Neurofeedback sessions provides stability and helps to sustain sobriety. Furthermore, ongoing training strengthens one's sanity which also helps guard against future relapse as one learns to live from a rational and logical state of mind.

Neurofeedback training not only helps with symptoms related to struggles with addiction but also benefits the whole person. The nervous system controls everything we do, both voluntary and involuntary (breathing, digesting, walking, talking, thinking, and feeling) So if the nervous system is in a more balanced state as a result of undergoing this type of treatment, it will naturally affect the rest of your body in a harmonious way. [5]

Integral inclusion of family therapy

Just like drug addiction itself, drug rehab impacts not only the addict but their family and any friends that they may also have. Families are a critical part of the process, as it is they who help the recovering addict maintain their sobriety on a daily basis. Also, the primary motivation for many addicts to attend treatment is to stop the harm that they are causing their loved ones. For all of these reasons, the best de-addiction centres in India include families in their program. Family visits seem important in many programs, although most facilities prefer the addict to stay secluded while they deal with this difficult time in their life.

Licensed professionals/staff

Some of the people you will interact with while in treatment are the staff members. They are the ones responsible for guiding you on the first part of your sobriety journey. A great staff is one of the reasons why luxury rehab centres in India are so successful. One way to determine if a rehab in India has a good staff is to ask about their registration with regulatory bodies like state medical boards and nursing associations. Asking them questions like this gives you an idea of how much they value rehabilitation and motivation to help others achieve recovery! This may also be an excellent indicator of the quality of their alcoholism or drug addiction programs, as accreditation is often used by individuals who want to ensure that other facilities or counselors share the same ideals for quality care that could potentially save someone’s life.

Effective aftercare plans and options

Recovery doesn’t stop after leaving rehabilitation. Sobriety is a lifelong journey for most recovering addicts, a journey that is difficult, if not impossible to take alone. The best rehabs in India recognize this fact and provide their clients with the extra support and guidance necessary to help them maintain sobriety post-treatment. Some of the most common examples of the extra services offered include peer group meetings, ongoing therapy sessions with licensed therapists or counselors, support groups involving fellow addicts and alcoholics in recovery, ongoing education about addiction and sobriety, and treatment plans specifically designed for individual needs.

Career support

For people trying to recover from addiction, jobs are very important because they give addicts a reason to stay clean. It reduces downtime as well as prevents boredom. A job also provides an addict with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Many of the best de-addiction centres in India offer employment assistance to patients upon completion of their rehabilitation program in order to make it easier for them to stay off drugs and not fall back into addiction.

Holistic treatment

Exercise will help you feel and look better, plus it encourages healthy habits that will form the foundation of a new you. Healthy meals keep you giving 100% to life without being weighed down by foods that may negatively impact your mental state. So be sure to add these to your diet! Top rehab centers are more than happy to take care of every aspect of your recovery. They ensure that each patient is properly nourished and fed healthy meals throughout their stay at the facility.

Scientific and Evidence-Based treatment

A treatment center that cares about your well-being will never try to force you into a treatment plan that cannot help you. As mentioned earlier, you are the only person who can decide the steps you should take to get better. If a program seems like it is forcing its plans upon you, then it probably is not for you; look elsewhere. Evidence-based programs are generally those that have been researched and developed according to the latest theories of addiction and treatment, often with traditional methods such as yoga and acupuncture that have a history of success. Top-rated rehab centers are always monitoring the latest research so they can adjust their programs based on new evidence of different treatments being more effective or safer than others.

Facilities available at the center

One of the most important things that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a luxury rehabilitation centre in India is the available amenities. The range of amenities offered at luxury rehab centers is extensive and might include everything including breathtaking skyline views of major cities. Amenities are often used to help addicts through the treatment process by making them more comfortable, as well as taking into account when choosing an appropriate treatment plan for each individual customer. Still, budgeting for amenities needs will make or break any program recommendations - even those of luxury programs. Although all those features may sound appealing, it's still very important that you remember that not all things are created equal so always keep in mind what your specific needs and requirements are.

You know how terrible addiction and alcoholism can be. If you or a loved one is struggling to find sobriety, do not wait another minute. Help is available. Treatment providers can help answer any of your rehab-related questions about top-rated treatment centers. Contact to get more information.

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AUTHOR - Dr. Danish Hussain (MBBS, MD Psychiatry, MIPS)

Dr. Danish received his M.D. Psychiatry and M.B.B.S. degrees from Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences (Bangalore, Karnataka). He has worked at the Manipal Multispecialty Hospitals Bangalore, following which has continued to undergo regular training from prestigious institutes from all over the world. Dr. Danish serves as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry at AFSMS & RC and is a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society. Dr. Danish uses a holistic approach with his patients and brings his expertise to practice to treat varied behavioral health problems from Addiction disorders to Depression, Anxiety, Personality disorders, and OCD. Dr. Danish’s goal is to educate and inform the public on addiction issues and help those in need of treatment find the best option for them.

REVIEWED BY - Sudipta Rath (M. Phil in Clinical Psychology)

Sudipta Rath has completed her MPhil in clinical psychology from Utkal University in Odisha (India) in 2020 and is currently practicing in New Delhi as a clinical psychologist at a dual diagnosis facility. She is a licensed RCI practitioner specializing in all forms of psychotherapy. Addiction and mental health are personal subjects for her, and her goal is that she can give a helping hand to those seeking healthy and lasting recovery.

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